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Thanks to its physical and chemical characteristics, stainless steel material is used for its conductive properties against static electricity effects, thermal properties and corrosion resistance.

Antistatic application

Static electicity occurs with the friction between two elements. By separating these elements, opposite electric charges generate an electric field potentially dangerous (fire, explosion, electric shock, devices problems).  Only few percents of stainless steel fibers blended offer an electrical conductivity to a material ie. it becomes antistatic.

Thermal application

Stainless steel fibers have an excellent resistance to high temperatures. Thus, they are used in the business sectors requiring thermo resistant and durable materials. Pure or blended with thermostable fibers such as aramids, it gives to our full range of products high temperature resistance and good mechanical performances keeping softness of a textile material.

Business sectors

You are interested in our products... stainless steel fibers are used in :

Glasswork Glass industry : flat and hollow glasses 
Transportation Transportation and automotive indutries.
Protection Protective and safety clothing.
Filtration Filtration.
Electromagnetic Electromagnetic shielding.
Construction Construction, thermal insulation and soundproofing.
Connectedness Connectedness (smart textile…).