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About us

citation quisommenous ukOur story

With a 40 years professional experience in the textile industry on natural, synthetic and technical products, Michel DUJARDIN created CREAFIBRES in 1996.


At the head of the company since 2010, Dujardin’s family keeps up the development.


Our industrial know-how

CREAFIBRES’ main activity is the transformation and the spinning of technical fibers, particularly stainless steel fibers.

CREAFIBRES also uses other blended technical fibers such as aramid, wool, polyester or polypropylen.

The company masters all the steps of the process from stretch-breaking to knitting, through blending, spinning, plying, winding and sewing.

CREAFIBRES shows its desire to lead a development on high value added manufactured produts.

It produces stretch broken slivers, bulks, 100% stainless steel spun yarns or blended spun yarns, and knitted fabrics and also develops woven tapes, non-woven products, woven fabrics, braids and continuous yarns.


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Our added value

Above all, CREAFIBRES offers :

  • careful listening of customers needs.Slide pignons quality V2
  • A reactivity to customers requests on batch and mass production. 
  • The quality thanks to monitoring incators and quality controls during each step of production.
  • A commitment to quality with a certificate issue. 
  • A personalised attention to our clients for their new developments.